Five Things You Never Knew About “The Duke”

John Wayne’s real name is Marion Robert Morrison. He never legally changed his name to John Wayne. John Wayne was called “The Duke” because of a family pet he had when growing up. He played football for The University of Southern California. Wayne had an athletic scholarship but lost it due to injury that he never recovered from. Because of his injury John Wayne only played football for one year. John made his first television appearance on “ The Milton Berle Show” in 1953. Many fans believe his first television appearance was on “I Love Lucy” in 1955. He avoided being on television because he didn’t like to show his face on TV. much. John Wayne was also nominated for a Grammy award for his spoken album called “America: Why I Love Her”. Wayne didn’t win the award but his album was a best seller. In the early 1950′s he founded a production company called Batjac Productions. He founded this so he could produce and star in his own movies, but obviously this didn’t work. John Wayne lost alot of money while producing and starring in his movie “The Alamo”. He was an outstanding man and will be remembered for everything.