The Most Expensive Western Ever Made

There are two movies, of the western genre that must share the title of most expensive movie ever made. They are Wild, Wild West and Rango. The reason for the shared titleone of the movies is animated, a non-traditional western movie format.

First up, the Wild, Wild West released in 1999 was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. It starred Will Smith as Capt. James West; Kevin Kline in the dual role of Artemus Gordon and Ulysses S. Grant; (more…)

Why Western Movies Became Popular In America

The Western became a popular movie genre as America’s industries and urban areas experienced significant growth. The genre showed a simpler view of the country. People could own a parcel of land, pack up and move west, and work with their hands under the open skies.

Contemporary and revisionist westerns have also become more popular in recent years. Revisionist westerns show a nuanced view of the Old West, and contemporary westerns often portray an anti-hero struggling with his place in a civilized world.The whole story can be found at These two styles (more…)

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Spaghetti Westerns

When it comes to everything you ever wanted to know about spaghetti westerns, the first question would likely be about the name. These types of westerns started popping up in the early 1960s and continued into the middle of the 1970s. The name “spaghetti western” came about because the majority of them were directed and produced by Italians who were frequently associated with other European countries such as Germany and Spain. Foreign critics felt these mainly low-budget films were second-rate to American westerns and tagged them with (more…)