Best Recent Westerns

If you’ve gotten some great Direct tv deals lately you’re in luck! Some of the best Western movies in decades have come out in the last few years and should be making the rounds on the rerun circuit. Check out one of our favorites and find yourself struggling to remember the genius of John Wayne:
All the Pretty Horses – Matt Damon actually plays a pretty convincing cowboy and this tale of love and lust has all the hallmarks of a great Western film. The film quality is better than you’d find in the 50s but that’s why we like it.
3:10 to Yuma – We’d like to say this is one of the best Westernever, but we know people will get all fired up. Let’s just say it’s simple and classic and it’s going to stand the test of time better than most other Western on any list.
No Country for Old Men – Not a Western in the traditional sense, this tense thriller will leave you wanting more. It’s particularly bloody, though, so be prepared when you put this one on and send out the kids.