The Best Unsung Western Actors Of All Time

John Wayne and Clint Eastwood are the two actors whose names always spring to mind when western movies are discussed. They both starred in some epic westerns, and without them the genre would just have not been the same. Movies such as The Searchers, Red Rivers, 3 Godfathers, Unforgiven and a Fistful of Dollars were created with these actors in the lead roles. They transformed how the movies were made and they really managed to put on stellar performances. (more…)

More Than Just Saloon Girls: Women In Westerns

Actresses in western themed films and television have come a long way in their portrayals of their characters. One notable example is the depiction of Calamity Jane, the rough-and-tumble historical character whom has been portrayed in a variety of roles. A western is unlike other genres in that it utilizes many conventions not found elsewhere, such as slower pacing, wide shots, and so forth. A female character historically would have had a secondary role to play at best, it is only in modern cinema that we find female characters (more…)

Best Recent Westerns

If you’ve gotten some great Direct tv deals lately you’re in luck! Some of the best Western movies in decades have come out in the last few years and should be making the rounds on the rerun circuit. Check out one of our favorites and find yourself struggling to remember the genius of John Wayne:
All the Pretty Horses – Matt Damon actually plays a pretty convincing cowboy and this tale of love and lust has all (more…)