The Worst Western Of All Time

Choosing just one movie to be crowned as the worst Western of all time can bring about several arguments, as everyone has one at the top of their list. However, there would be little disagreement over Boot Hill residing at the top of said list. Whatever your pet peeve may be; poor writing, bad acting, lack of direction–you will find all of these flaws and more in this shockingly bad film. Even the lowest of the low budget films can be somewhat tolerated if enough passion can be seen in one form or another. Check out this link here. Clearly, Boot Hill was just another hopeful for the burgeoning Spaghetti Western market, even if we momentarily overlook it as the last in a loosely based trilogy.

One can sometimes forgive historical flaws, suspend our disbelief (as we are expected to do so often these days) or just go along for the ride for the sake of “camp’ provided that the film incites enough stimulation or interest to warrant such gracious forgiveness. Boot Hill–featuring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer reprising familiar roles–possesses none of the redeeming qualities required to allow for even a mediocre cinematic experience.

Perhaps writer/director Giuseppe Collizzi should have worn one less hat during the making of this film. The plot is slow and difficult to follow, the acting is forced at best, and the cinematography leaves much to be desired. Many of the action scenes take place at night, making it impossible to enjoy even the smallest fight scene. And maybe, just maybe, the introduction of a Circus theme into a Western film is just too much for most folks to fathom. Hints of homoeroticism peppered throughout the film may be a deterrent for others as well. As mentioned earlier, just name a pet peeve, in that capacity Boot Hill will definitely deliver.